Frequently asked questions 

1. If the client provides the balloons, can you do the set up? 

We only use professional high grade balloons purchased by us. No amazon kits here. 


2. Why is your delivery fee so much? 

We need to rent a van in order to transport the balloons. We also need to load, unload, travel there and back two times. One to set up and one to breakdown. All of this time is included in the delivery fee. 


3. What does the designing fee include? 

The designing fee includes a mock up for your set up, finding balloon colors and other props needed for your set up.


4. What does your set up fee include? 

Set up fee includes the time we need to set up everything and the amount of people needed for set up. 

we charge $20/hr per person. The amount of people is determined by how large the set up is and how much set up time is allotted.


5. How much is the deposit? 

The deposit is 50% of your order total. 

Example: order total $5000

Deposit $2500